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World Vision New Zealand

The Wall

A television campaign so creatively compelling, it won a Mobius First Place award against 5000 global contenders - while saving many children's lives.


- Public responds strongly to the insight that a child dies every three seconds.

- Mobius judges hail extraordinary CGI creative.

The Story


The commercial is simply a wall, bearing children's photographs.  Throughout the commercial these photos fall from the wall, representing an unspeakable tragedy:  every day, 30,000 children lose their lives to preventable causes.  Finally, just one photograph is left. 

So 'The Wall' is saying "don't be overwhelmed by the big number.  It is not 30,000 children dying.  It is one child, every three seconds.  The longer you wait, the more children die."

'The Wall' commercial was produced entirely in CGI - possibly the first time ever for a charity.  Nylon in Australia composed the score for a children's choir.  A child's narration added to the ad's epic impact.

Over 5,000 entries from 35 countries were received for the 37th International Mobius Advertising Awards.  'The Wall' received the First Place statuette in the Charitable category.

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