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Britannia Financial Services  - Money Man

Brendon Johnson Ex UK


Combining the best of customer testimonial and celebrity endorsement, Britannia’s famous client Brendon Johnson (TV’s “Money Man”) breaks all records for press response and website enquiries.



·Cost per call improved by 30%.

·Extraordinary conversion rate on website – up 20%.

·After 13 years with Britannia, was breaking all past result records.

The Story

Brendon Johnson is a former UK Royal Marine and an award-winning TV financial mentor in his role as the tough-talking “Money Man”. He is also a Britannia client. Black put him in Britannia’s distinctive Union Jack press ads saying “I love New Zealand. So does my UK pension. Britannia did a stonking good job transferring my UK pension to NZ.”


We have been testing, tweaking and perfecting Britannia’s ads for 13 years, but in 2010 Brendon’s personality and credible testimony set new response records via phone, txt and website.

At Britannia’s website,, Brendon appeared in video at the head of the page. Not only does he tell the story of his own Britannia experience in his own military style, he guides visitors around the website by hand, with a specific call to action. As a result, visitors taking that action have risen by 20%. When Brendon tells you to click for a free assessment, that’s an order.

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