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Royal New Zealand Foundation of the Blind


Product: Blind Week 2010 “Molly’s Blind Week”


Making Blind Week more personal than ever before, by making it ‘Molly’s Blind Week’, in the name of an adorable 5-year old who was born blind.


• With no street collection, the campaign of inserts, print advertising, unaddressed and direct mail had to make up for an army of volunteers with buckets.
• Close-ups of Molly touched New Zealanders’ hearts, meeting the challenge target of half a million dollars in donations.

The Story

We know this audience responds better to personal stories than big pictures. So in 2009 we took an established Blind Week campaign of volunteers with buckets and put it all in the hands of one little girl.

‘Molly’s Blind Week’ was a simple, direct and personal look at the difference you can make during Blind Week. Close-ups of Molly - even with eye contact where appropriate - combined with the very real challenges she faces as she starts school, made this the most personal Blind Week ever.

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