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Making your cause compelling

At Black we want to change the world so we work for clients with the world’s most audacious and worthwhile goals: alleviating suffering, ending poverty, increasing wellbeing and happiness, eradicating disease and stopping animal cruelty.

Our walls are covered with images of a world in need. The child in poverty. The animal in distress. The family under pressure. The environment under threat. They drive us to compellingly communicate your cause.

Compelling means action – people calling, clicking, giving. Compelling means emotion – for more connection, more community, more cash. Compelling means people are transformed by your communications into supporters who are committed to changing the world through your cause.


Your long-term strategic partner

Your communications budget is far better spent if it flows from strategy. It is far more strategic to work long-term than project-by-project.

After initial projects to build your trust and demonstrate our capacity for higher results, better response and greater ROI, Black hopes to develop a long-term partnership with you.

From a clean slate we will use mind mapping to build your big picture. This strategy then guides all creative work and production.

At each point of execution our Black Box campaign management tool will give you a clear and measurable analysis of your results and your progress towards the goals we share.

One Black, all media, no limits

Other agencies may focus on one solution such as direct mail or major donors. With Black as your strategic partner you can have any kind of communication you want and need. We have created primetime documentaries; national integrated multi-channel campaigns; international market research for product development; and we have curated strategy-development sessions. The range of Black work is vast and we will deliver the compelling communications that best support your cause.

People, Planet, Profit

As we maximise your return on investment, we want our own business to help people and sustain our planet, so Black spends a third of our profits on social and environmental projects. For example, planting trees next to streams offsets our carbon emissions while also healing our waterways.

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