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The Leprosy Mission International - UK

Inaugural Global Campaign


The goal was to create a global campaign platform to be used in many countries to encourage a new level of commitment from established donors and generate waves of new support for the cause of removing leprosy from the world.

Black was appointed after a competitive pitch and to ensure to the campaign would work effectively across cultures and countries they established relatable and universal themes - seven cultural codes -that could speak strongly to our target audiences of Boomers and GenX in prosperous and progressive markets. 

Then, recommending the one cultural code that resonates most strongly and universally:

My Legacy. No Leprosy

Out of this chosen cultural code four creative campaign concepts were presented and the Global fundraisers chose:


This idea shows the lives of children stolen by leprosy. Using children’s shadows to portray the life they would like to be living.

Concept to Reality

The chosen ‘Shadows’ concept has been brought to life with a global effort bringing together four different filming projects in four countries with four different filming crews during an unprecedented time of COVID pandemic.

Contributors where found, selected and filmed along with their shadows culminating in a final campaign that is strikingly close to the original concept.

Even the chosen music titled “In these shadows’ seems to have been written for the campaign.

The key contributors of Sameer (India), Maya (Nepal) and Yahrah (Nigeria) match to the themes of physical disability, impact on education and stigma encountered by so many people that are affected by leprosy.

An online toolkit and guidelines was developed and included finished and open files for the various campaign elements from Video to SM to Press to Direct Mail etc to make local adaptation simple.

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