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Asteron Life Insurance - Natalie’s Legacy


Asteron approached Black with a very rare, and delicate opportunity, to produce a DVD pack for advisers using a very real story.



·Powerful emotive legacy from Natalie to help others

·Asteron’s re-launch in 2012, of which Natalie’s Legacy story was a key part, was a finalist in three categories for the TVNZ Marketing awards

The Story

Natalie Murphy went through cancer without the support life insurance can provide. She didn’t want that to happen to anyone else. She approached Asteron through her insurance adviser, so that others could learn from her journey.

Just two days after the 1st part day of shooting Natalie’s story, Natalie passed away {19th of December 2011} at home, surrounded by her family and friends.

Our team was deeply touched by Natalie’s selflessness to include us on her final days to tell her story - her legacy for others to learn from her experience and heartache. 

We produced a video and supporting collateral for insurance advisers to use when talking to clients about Asteron Life insurance.


Thank you Greg and Jackson for sharing your wife and mother, and allowing your story to be told.

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